There are more than 16,000 Germany Postal Code in this website, including Admin Area, Admin Code, Place, Postcode, Latitude, Longitude etc. plus with online map.
Germany Postal Codes consists of five numerical digits. In general, the first digit represents the area, the second digit represents region, the last three digits represent the delivery area. You may send express by Germany Address Postal Codes.

Envelope Example
Germany Envelope Example
Address Format
Quincy Happy    (addressee)
Wacholderweg 52a (street + No.)
26133 OLDENBURG (postcode + locality)
GERMANY     (country)
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The following table lists 16 states of Germany. You can click the State links to get the Details.
Examples: Baden-Württemberg is a state of Germany. BW is the Abbreviation of Baden-Württemberg.
District & Community
Please browse postcode by Postcode . You can click the Postcode links to get the Latitude, Longitude, Envelope Example.